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Does anyone use this product? Or know anything about it? I picked it up on accident at my LFS, because I am an idiot and the bottle looks exactly like the "Instant Amazon", I was was buying a few things and after snooping around when I went to collect items I just grabbed a bottle having no idea what this was or that there even two different products in similar looking bottles sitting next to each other on the shelf. After looking into it didn't sound like a bad idea for a new tank, so I used it. Here is the link to CaribSea's description. There is more on the bottle than the site, so I will just include a pic as well. Talks about bacteria and enzymes, reducing ammonia and nitrites, then reducing nitrates, and "biologically cleaning substrate". I have no idea what that last statement even means.

I am not asking about the barley straw, I know that debate, and I don't think that is the issue here.

The reason I ask is, I used most of an 8oz bottle of this stuff over maybe 6-7 weeks. I have had random nitrite spikes (as in 0-50+) with no ammonia spikes at all, whenever I dig in the sub to plant something. There is another thread in the forum "NO2 spikes" with more specifics. I just thought about and realized I used this product though. Tank is almost 2 moths old. No other variability in NH3/NO2/NO3 levels since the first cycle finished, except the two times I have dug in the sub to to put in a new plant. NH3 & NO2 are 0. NO3 rarely gets over 10. To the extent it was worrying me that I may not have enough for the plants.

Is this product enabling the substrate to absorb waste and start it's own nitrogen cycle? Or am I just overthinking this? Any experience or experienced insight would be great. Not sure if it has anything to do with it, or if it's even good or bad, or if it even matters and I am just going through a normal cycle and being new to having a planted tank it is just weird to all the fish only tanks I have had over the years.

Bump: Sorry, I forgot the pic of the bottle.


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