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Cardinals at Petsmart

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Petsmart is selling Cardinal tetras now. They're a bit pricey at $3.99 (USD), but at least they have the 14 day guarantee.

If you buy them at the Bolingbrook store, just off Weber & Boughton Rd., don't expect to buy more than 6. They will not sell more than 6, since anymore (as they stated) will increase the bioload. I spoke to the manager and I was able to get 10, but without the return guarantee. No problems. I bought more from the Petsmart in Tinley Park (Harlem & 191st) and he wasn't hesitant to sell me 12. Of course, I asked them to be split into 2 bags. I told him they were going into 2 separate tanks, even though they weren't.
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i've seen them for awhile now. was thinking of ordering in bulk from foster and smith though. actually cheaper for the amount i'm ordering.
I thought petsmart had a 30 day gar?
Wow 3.99? Is it rare in your area?

Wild caught cardinal farmers sell 1000 to wholesalers for $1.50.
petsmart isn't a wholesaler though :p

difficult to find it direct from farmers. any sources dekstr?
someone said that boxlot does not quarantine. they're just the middleman from the wholesaler, therefore fish may not be of the best quality as they are subject to a lot of shipment stress.
Thats a chance you take with all shipped fish really.. You never really know what you will get.
I recently bought 20 from Petsmart and it was a fantastic decision. I lost 7 in my quarantine tank because it wasn't properly cycled. Soooo, I took advantage of that 14 day guarantee and got all of them back. I now have a healthy school of 19 (-1 because he had this weird growth that I was wary of).

I'm thinking that Petsmart sells them now because they're farm bred (a recent advancement in commercial breeding). I highly recommend them from Petsmart. The price is a downfall, but their reliability and the 14 day guarantee can't be beat.

I wouldn't buy from anyone who's selling them for 87 cents, that sounds like buying a Rolex in Hong Kong for $30 to me.
petsmart isn't a wholesaler though :p

difficult to find it direct from farmers. any sources dekstr?
I think you took it the wrong way moogoo, no offense was intended. I just wanted to point out how much more expensive it gets from the point where they are caught to the point they are sold in North America.

I got 20 for $20 from a LFS. Retail is 3-5 in Toronto as well. What is the retail price in your area?
no offense taken. just thought you might have had a source! 20 for $20 is a great deal. retail for me is $3.99 at petsmart. haven't checked too many within the general area cause i haven't had time. but i hope to do some trips to see what is available before i order my schools from fosterandsmith and eat their $35 shipping fee.
The petsmart in Skokie,IL has sold them for 3.99 for as long as i been going there and there is not limit on how many you can buy.

I have bought all my fish from them and i can say that my fish have never caught any fish i have bought from them. I do not Quarantine them either.
Bill Eagan (Absolute Discus in Naperville) used to sell them for $1, but they were wild caught. Then he raised the price to about $2. Unfortunately, he's shutting down. I've been meaning to buy them, but hesitated. My hesitation costs me. I was finally ready, but wanted to pick them up locally. I was fortunate to find them at Petsmart. Being local and having a 14 day guarantee made it somewhat price worthy. Whether the ones at Petsmart are tank bred or wild caught, they are being housed in regular local water, not softened like most breeders around me have them for.

I prefer to buy them locally. Less stress for the fish when taking them home. Plus I can see the health of the fish I'm getting. Also if they have a guarantee, I can easily return them.

Most of my fish stock have been from either Petsmart or Petco, with the exception of my discus and plecos, which only came from breeders/importers.
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