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Rehomed one of my cichlids and a Florida flagfish and my two danios that survived cycling today. Replaced them with 6 cardinal tetras.

I also found out that my other flagfish is actually a female swordtail. Not mad - still a good looking fish and I only overpayed by 50 cents.

But I think I like the cardinals so well that I'll add 3 more next week.

Probably going to rehome my siamese algae eater if the bioload gets too high. I now have 6 cardinal tetras, two small corydoras, a siamese algae eater, a strangely peaceful African cichlid, a clown pleco, a hammers cobalt blue lobster, and a Mexican dwarf crawfish that I haven't seen in a month and has been eaten.

Its in a 30g filtering at 250gph.
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