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Hi guys,

So I decided to exchange my small canister filter which wss failing, for a larger one with a flow control valve so I could get the proper water turnover rate.

I got the pen plax 500, and installed it Friday. I didn't really have any media that would fit correctly from my old filter, so I just used the new stuff, but figured with my heavy plant density, I would have enough beneficial bacteria surface area and plant mass to prevent it from cycling again.

I lowered the flow to be stronger than the old filter but still just barely enough to see some plant movement in the scape. I'd still say it's a very gentle setting. I started noticing my cardinal tetras were acting skidish around me. Before they would come to the top when I approached looking for food, now they hide in the plants and are kind of un motivated to eat much. I noticed the single neon tetra that somehow ended up in the pack had a lesion which I assume came from another Cardinal. Yesterday one Cardinal started swimming strangely, then died that day. Now they are still acting skidish around me.

The threadfin rainbows are acting normal and so are the amano shrimp. I've checked the water with test kits, but am seeing no ammonia.

Any reason this odd series of events could be happening? I've had the cardinals for 8 months without an issue... Could the new filter be stressing them in some way?
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