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I have some sulawesi cardinal shrimp, bred by me. Selling in a package of 10 for $120, or package of 5 for $75, plus $25 for express shipping. Heat packs are free.

Live arrival guaranteed within 1 hour of first delivery attempt.

These are pretty hardy, I haven't had trouble raising them at all. Just keep pH 8, GH 8, KH 8, and temp 80.

Was hard for me to get a picture, and they dont like camera flash, but if you've seen a cardinal, you've seen them all. Here's what I was able to get.

Also, if you need any Shirakura products, I am an authorized dealer as well as the company spokesman and distributor in North America. All products come with english language labels, and bear official Shirakura seal of authentication (no stolen/counterfeit/parallel traded goods here!)

Prices for Shirakura goods:

Shirakura Ebi-dama original 30 grams - $9
Shirakura Ebi-dama original 80 grams - $18
Shirakura Ebi-dama 'soft taste' 30 grams - $9
Shirakura Ebi-dama 'soft taste' 80 grams - $18
Shirakura Ebi-dama 'special' 30 grams - $18
Shirakura Ebi-dama 'VIVID' 30 grams - $18

Shirakura Biseibutsu no moto (baby food) - bottle: $18, refill: $18
Shirakura Mineral Powder - bottle: $18, refill: $18

Shirakura CA+ liquid minerals: $16
Shirakura Fulvic+ blackwater humic acid: $20
Shirakura Red Bee Bacter - package of 6 tea bags: $18

Shipping is 3 dollars for dry goods no matter how much you buy! Or add them to your shrimp order for no extra shipping cost!

Please PM me for ordering! Thank you!
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