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Cardinal plant question?

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I recently brought a couple cardinal plants at my local shop. I loved how purple they were but they've since started turning green.
I read that the emerged plant has the purple and will turn green as it acclimates to being submerged.
Any idea if there's a way to bring out the purple while it's submerged? Maybe CO2? It's currently in a 10g with only lights and filter.

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It wouldn't turn purple, even with CO2, I have high light and CO2, it'll be green all around.
Thanks! If I let it grow out of the water in a palidarium setup would it purple back up you think?

You do have some options for purple in a tank.... there’s a purple bacopa, pogo stellatus purple octopus (some label it pogo quadrifolius), crypt crispatula tonkinensis.... There’s probably more purples...
Thanks for the suggestions! Wow that purple bacopa is cool.
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