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Cardamine lyrata

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Hi fellows,

I planted Cardamine lyrata in my new tank along with other plants, the details are below
Size: 140L/37G
Substrate: ADA Amazonia New + ADA substrate additives
Fert: ADA Green Brighty Step1 and Brighty K
Light: 0.6 watt per litre/ >2 watt per Gallon
and CO2

For first two weeks the growth of Cardamine lyrata was very impressive, in fact in the third week I did a little trimming also. But suddenly it started turning yellowish, specially new leaves and the new leaves are smaller in size also. So now I am very depressed to see this.

Can any one please let me know, what is the problem, and how can I fix it? :help: :help:
And also, how important the Lily pipe is, for planted aquarium?

Eagerly waiting for your responses.

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What is your temperature? Cardamine lyrata prefers cooler waters.

You might also be experiencing a difference in growth patterns from before it came to you: emmersed versus immersed, or lower light versus high light. If it is still growing you might have no problem at all. My cardamine has always had a bright green hue.
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