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Carbon Filter and Fertilizers

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Should I remove the Activated Carbon in my canister filter if I have plants in the tank? and should I use fertilizers for my plants even if they are low tech types (anubias, crypts, java fern)

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I am new to the whole plant thing myself. I do know that a lot of people here and on other forums suggest not using Carbon with planted tanks. Others even say its a waste of money even without the plants. I have wondered this myself. I use a Bio-Wheel filter and I haven't seen cartridges without the Carbon. Maybe while someone answers your question better they could tell me if there are any other options besides the pre-loaded carbon filter cartridges for the Penguin Bio-Wheel Filters.
Well, I believe the general rule is not to use activated carbon in the filter. As for the Bio-wheel filters, most will probably say not to use them either and would recommend canister filters, since the water falling on the surface outgasses the CO2 in the water.

Me, I use an Emperor 400 with the carbon filters and haven't noticed detrimental effects.

Ive always been told the carbon will remove the nutrients you are dosing. Personally, Ive never used carbon 24/7.
As for carbon free filter carts I always removed the blue stuff.. and put a thin gob of polyester fiberfill rubber banded in place on mine :) Some HOB you can even sandwich the fiber fill inbetween two plastic filter frames.
What about filter pads or filter bags?

Hopefully I am not taking this thread somewhere palermopenano doesn't want. I have a lot of questions about the carbon filtration and other options myself.

What kinds of things can we use to take the place of carbon filtration. Can I use a filter pad cut to size in one of the cartrige slots of my Bio-Wheel H.O.T. or will this just get sucked out of place?

I've thought about just putting a "wad" of batting in front of the cartridge. Will this provide any benefit or will the water just flow around the wad? Also what is Puigen and is there a way to use other products like these in a H.O.T. filter? Could I just put these products in one of those filter bags and throw it in the empty space in front of my cartridge?

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