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Can't identify these baddies!

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I can only try to describe the critters that have infiltrated my tank.

Once upon a time we had a fry tank that got infested with snails, so instead of flushing the snails (and ending up with teenage mutant ninja snails) we set up a dwarf puffer tank. Now that the fry are grown....the former fry tank became a snail breeding tank. Worked wonderfully - just ask the puffer. The tank sits stagnate and lidded. We don't do anything but throw a little food in there now and then - we have hundreds of snails.

However - two types of unwanted critters decided to make a cameo, and I can't tell what they are.

One of them looks vaguely like baby brine shrimp, but they aren't whitish and they're much smaller (smaller than NEWLY HATCHED bbs). They move in the same jumpy manner, but a bit more sharply than the baby brine.

The other is a skinny white worm. It doesn't swim - it merely SLITHERS across the glass. It's about 1/2" long.

Both are horribly gross and I'm not sure if I should just ditch the whole snail tank and start anew.


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I know exactly what you are talking about. I've seen these little critters before, in my 2.5 nano. The slithery ones are plenaria, I'm not sure what the wiggly ones are. Both are harmless to your livestock. Both of the little doo-dads and the snails are signs that you are feeding too much or there is too much decomposing plant matter. Vacuum the surface of your substrate as thoroughly as you can with out disturbing it. After doing a few water changes this way, they will go away, for the most part.
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