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Pretty much as the title says. I had no problem getting a good seal with the plastic co2 washers. The place I used to get my co2 filled then was about 45 minutes away near where I used to work. Now where I get my CO2 filled only has the fiber washers. I can't get a good seal using them no matter what I try. 1 washer, 2 washers, doesn't matter. I can't possibly tighten the regulator on any more. I broke a wrench trying to tighten it more!

I've ordered one of rex's permaseal washers in hopes that will do the trick for me. Until then though I have no co2 if I can't get it tightened enough!

Please, I need any help/ideas possible!

Edit: It's an older JBJ regulator if that makes any difference....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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