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If I am understanding CO2 basics...and mind you I may very well NOT be (LOL)... I will be able to attach reactor to the return line of my cannister filter. I think this means that I will not require a pump or powerhead. I am planning to use an inline heater on the return line. So, would both of these work together? Should the heater go before or after the reactor? Does it matter? Have I got it all wrong?

I haven't purchased anything except the heater and filter yet. Just doing research and trying to figure things out.

The tank is just over 90 gallons (60 x 18 x 20). Primary filter will be Eheim 2217. (Secondary is an HOB Penguin 350.) The heater is a Hydor 300W inline.

I am considering this automatic CO2 system

Will all of this work together? Is that too much on the filter return line?

Should I invest in a powerhead/pump? Maybe this system instead Much pricier with a fancier PH controller, I think.

I really don't want to attempt DIY and I do like the automated system.

One more question...what happens to that fancy automated system if the power goes out? I would assume it would shut down and stop injecting CO2...or would it just keep going?

Some advice would be so appreciated.

Thanks! ~Lis

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Only comment I would make is that it's probably best to install the inline diffuser above the heater, that way there is no chance of creating an air pocket in the heater itself. I have used the hydor inline heaters and haven't noticed any severe drop in output, not too sure about the inline diffuser but most of the small ones like this can't have too much of an impact. I'm not sure I would invest in a fully automated system, if it has a solenoid, bubble counter and diffuser on a timer it should work.
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