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Canister motor problem

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its on a rena filstar, video explains issue.
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Not a rena owner but that would sound like an impeller scraping the side of the well. My filters would have a rubber bushing on each end of the shaft inside the imepller. Perhaps look to make sure those are in place and that the shaft is in the bushing,, not sticking down beside it on one end? Another point might be a worn shaft or impeller if for some reason a bit of sand get into that area. Assuming this is a scraping and not an air leak that is misleading me?
so funny story.....i was using wrong cord... that sound was from a circulation pump laying on the ground....
Been there done that? At least it doesn't cost much to fix!!!
right? the impeller alone is $30 and its not interchangeable, so i can't take it out of another Filstar i have laying around :-(

any way thanks for the response!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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