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Hi All -
I am putting together my new fancy goldfish tank. I have a 40 gallon breeder tank and intend to stock it with a copious amount of plants and two to three fancy goldfish. I found a used canister filter used for $55. It is Sunsun HW-303B canister filter with 9 volt uv light. I have told the gentleman I will pick it up from him this weekend. But after I made that commitment, I began to think that maybe a DIY sump filter might be a better option. So my questions are these:

Would a sump filter be better than a canister filter?

Would a 10 gallon aquarium turned into a sump filter be big enough for a 40 gallon aquarium?

If the answer above is "NO, you need a bigger aquarium.", please consider that I do plan to have also a HOB aquaponics planter above the tank. I want to add a little extra greenery to my apartment. :nerd: Winters are tough where I live and having a little jungle in my apartment will be so awesome! So would a 10 gallon aquarium be enough in this case?

Regardless of which filtering system I use (canister or sump), would you place the outtake of the filter into the aquaponics planter or back to the tank?

And lastly ... if you believe the canister is what I should go with, do you think the Sunsun HW-303B canister filter with 9 volt uv light is a good one for a 40 gallon aquarium?

I know the answers to my question are not easy ones and might take someone a bit of time to answer. So do know that I appreciate all advice on this matter.


P.S. I still have my old 36 gallon tank that I hope to get resealed here soon. I had planned on selling it. But I could turn this into a sump filter but would this not be overkill?
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