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canister filters - one big or 2 mediums? 36 gallon bow

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Things are coming together! my tank is going to be the 36 gallon bowfront at petsmart (my wife like the way it looks with the stand, works for me :) Going low-mid light, heavily planted.

filtration - going to be canister, both because I like the idea and the tank can go closer to the wall. What is preferable, 1 monster canister or 2 medium ones? Feel free to push your favorite brand.

Heater - I know there are lots of opinions on this, but does anyone have any horror stories with the in-line heaters I need to know?

Thanks All!
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I suggest one bigger one because it's a relatively smaller-sized tank and you wouldn't necessarily need the flow or want to deal with twice the amount of tubes/wires running through and behind your setup.
Hey, this is my 30 gal set up:

When I service one, the other one is working.

I hope that helps.
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Get 2 medium ones and set them up in line with each other. Plug the outflow pipe of the first canister into the intake of the second canister. Only turn on the second canister filter, and remove the impeller from the first. With this method your basically getting filtration from 2 canisters with the electricity use of and clutter of 1.

Use the Eheim Classic filters, they are the most reliable (jump on the bandwagon =P).
I would never consider using two canisters instead of one. I use Eheim 2217's on 75 gallon tanks and find they are great. They do not make a rush of water but do a lot of what a filter is supposed to do. They can be set up with any media you choose but I find Eheim knows what they are doing far more than most of us. When you use the media they provide, in the way they have designed it to work, I would be hard pressed to say I can improve on their years of work. They have done research on a level most of us will never get done. Along the way they have gotten a good reputation for good filters. Two medium filters will cost more, make more noise, take more space and require more work. If you find the 2217 is too much filter, there is no harm done by partially closing the provided cutoffs to restrict flow. Mag drive motors of this type are not "strained" in any way by restricted flow.

I do recommend shopping around as there are times when they are on real good sales.
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