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Canister filters--- and pressurized pond filters

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this is a very interesting question i've come across , i've started my 10 gal planted tank, and sort of just been studying to build a matrix of tanks in a third bedroom , calling it "aquaria" so that i can have a number of species of fish and a number of planted tanks. this being said
i've thought about constructing a gravitational sump out of a number of HDPE containers, (high density polyElene) which is what they make a number of tanks,drums, etc out of. but what i'm finding is there is no way to beat the flow and square bio body of a pressurized pond filter. i'm seeing these pond filters pushing tons of water!
i just bought a RENA Canister xp3 which does about 350 gph not a hugh bio body but great compared to any HOB paid something just under 200 bucks

i could have spend 30 dollars on a pressurized pond filter, and gotton 190 gph
or i could have bought a pondmaster surpreme that does 500 gph for exactly what i paid for my RENA

i know you guys are thinking overkill, but i cam circulating the water back into the filtler and only a little back into the tank to cut down the actual current on the 10 gal. i am planning on hooking this canister to a larger tank and taking the re circulation back into the filter off. i just hated the sound of the HOB i bought. and didn't wanna buy a canister that couldn't do alot more for when i got a bigger tank

soooo. for my matrix/network of freshwater tanks, i'm thinking of using a large pond filter, a recirulation line(to cut flow to tanks down if needed)

any thoughts on pressurized pond filters. geez whats the difference canisters--pressurized pond filters i don't see the difference

oh question, how are the sterializing uv lights going to affect my tank?
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Another thought , i was thinking is they do make 3 way electric control valves for multiple applications. would be nice to wire in a timer for auto flushing!!

yet another thought to this systems benefit, is the pumps are not "shaded pole" pumps, which can not be speed controlled. so on top of being able to have a much larger bio "body" to filtrate water through, you could control the speed of the pump to any size tank set up you want. look up "speedster, variable speed controller" and bam you a pump that will run at multiple speeds for man applications with a hugh bio mass body
would love to hear you guys thoughts on this.
this is the one i'm talking about

Pondmaster Pressure Filter 4000 with UV - 40W uv clarifier exactly $499.99
or Bio-Active Pressure Filter BP4000-UV Includes a 18 watt UV Clarifier around &600

both have agitators
The advantage I see of the Rena XPs over most pressurized pond filters is that the Renas are much easier to maintain. IME pond filters are not designed to minimize/eliminate water spills every time you open them up, since that usually isn't as big a concern when you're outside.

I didn't look up your filter in question, but most also require external pumps to drive them, so that would be another expense to consider.

You also probably wouldn't want an agitator if you're injecting CO2 into your tank.

I personally would never install a centralized filtration system on multiple tanks- great way to contaminate every fish you have should you inadvertantly introduce something nasty like Columnaris, ich, fish TB, etc.

I won't even buy fish from places that use centralized filtration for this very reason. My LFS keeps every tank on its own filration system (HOBs or sponge filters, usually).
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Check out the fish breeders clubs and their newsletters. That's where you'll find info on multiple tank systems and how to filter them.
The simple answer for many is drip over flow. Then there is less need for filtration. Combine that will simple air driven box filters and you have an easy to maintain relatively inexpensive system.

Also, if you join some of the clubs and forums, people are getting out of the hobby and selling off their tanks and systems or expanding or upgrading.
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