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Canister Filter Suggestions

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Hi All,

I've used this forum for a lot of my fish equipment suggestions in the past as a reader but after some back and forth regarding filtration systems and types I could use some advice.

Me: A beginner hobbyist
Tank: Aqueon 15 Gallon LED Column Tank + Stand

Heater: Fluval E 100Watt Electronic Heater
Current Filter System:
Underwater Gravel Filter with two towers that lead into activated charcoal
AA Aquarium Mini Green Killing Machine 3W | UV Sterilizer
Air Pump: Eheim 200 Aquarium Air Pump
Stock - Freshwater Fish, it was 9 (with the layers of the tank evenly distributed)
Cleaning - Once a week, sucking all the crud from under the gravel

My tank recently got hit with an Ich breakout, which has lead to me buying the new heater so I could manually raise the temperature of the heater, and a new air pump to circulate more air into the tank.

My biggest struggle<s> (I believe) for a successful tank have been:
1) My filtering methods need a major upgrade
2) The shape of the tank has made it a little more difficult (especially with dispersing heat evenly throughout the tank.
3) Stocking, I think I stocked the tank too much and the filtering setup couldn't keep up
4) Fuzzy Fungus (I think food particles?) appearing/floating in the water - I'm hoping a canister filter will help with this.

Currently, I'm looking at removing the underwater gravel filter system and the UV Filter and replacing them with a canister filter.

As I said, I've been doing a lot of reading so I know the forum seems to lead to the Eheim 2211/2213 but I have a question. As a beginner with no experience with filtration (chemical, Bio, and Mechanical) I was wondering if the tray system provided by the Fluval would be more beginner-friendly?

I'm currently deciding between:

Eheim 2213
Fluval 106

I also reached out to the PondGuru and they suggested the Fluval 306 if I do plan to upgrade to a bigger 21-34 Gallon tank.

What do you guys recommend? I'm willing to go the distance to have a happy tank (Any help would be much appreciated).
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I've had my 2217 for probably close to 7 years.

Only a few negatives:

-Replacement parts can be expensive.
-No media baskets.
-Replacement filters seem kinda expensive.

Other than that it has been great.
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