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Canister Filter Suggestions

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Hi All,

I've used this forum for a lot of my fish equipment suggestions in the past as a reader but after some back and forth regarding filtration systems and types I could use some advice.

Me: A beginner hobbyist
Tank: Aqueon 15 Gallon LED Column Tank + Stand

Heater: Fluval E 100Watt Electronic Heater
Current Filter System:
Underwater Gravel Filter with two towers that lead into activated charcoal
AA Aquarium Mini Green Killing Machine 3W | UV Sterilizer
Air Pump: Eheim 200 Aquarium Air Pump
Stock - Freshwater Fish, it was 9 (with the layers of the tank evenly distributed)
Cleaning - Once a week, sucking all the crud from under the gravel

My tank recently got hit with an Ich breakout, which has lead to me buying the new heater so I could manually raise the temperature of the heater, and a new air pump to circulate more air into the tank.

My biggest struggle<s> (I believe) for a successful tank have been:
1) My filtering methods need a major upgrade
2) The shape of the tank has made it a little more difficult (especially with dispersing heat evenly throughout the tank.
3) Stocking, I think I stocked the tank too much and the filtering setup couldn't keep up
4) Fuzzy Fungus (I think food particles?) appearing/floating in the water - I'm hoping a canister filter will help with this.

Currently, I'm looking at removing the underwater gravel filter system and the UV Filter and replacing them with a canister filter.

As I said, I've been doing a lot of reading so I know the forum seems to lead to the Eheim 2211/2213 but I have a question. As a beginner with no experience with filtration (chemical, Bio, and Mechanical) I was wondering if the tray system provided by the Fluval would be more beginner-friendly?

I'm currently deciding between:

Eheim 2213
Fluval 106

I also reached out to the PondGuru and they suggested the Fluval 306 if I do plan to upgrade to a bigger 21-34 Gallon tank.

What do you guys recommend? I'm willing to go the distance to have a happy tank (Any help would be much appreciated).
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I moved away from canisters and on to a sump when I moved into larger tanks, but a sump on a 15 gal is a bit absurd.

Look through a few of the setup and/or cleaning vids on Youtube for both. That may steer you best. There are pros and cons for each. Cleaning is where many tend to fall short.

As you watch the vids look at the crud that's in them, especially the ones that are only cleaned once every two or three months. All of that crud is organic material that is in the process of breaking down into (eventually) nitrate. The more often the filter is cleaned and the more efficiently that stuff is removed the less there is to reduce to nitrate.

Thumbs up on losing the undergravel. Real nitrate generators. And I like that you vacuum regularly. Don't fall back on that. It's a major component in keeping planted tanks, more so than many beginners think.

Good luck.
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