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Canister Filter Noob

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This might be a dumb question.... Do you turn your canister filter off when you do a water change? I always unplugged my HOB's during water changes, but someone told me you should NEVER turn off a canister except when you clean it.... Something about anaerobic shock (whatever that is).
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I just turn my in-tank heaters off, but because I never do more than 50% wc's the filters stay on, but you can turn off the canisters too if your maintenance is not going to take too long.
I turn mine off every time for water changes (once a week). Always have. Never an issue. Never heard not to turn it off...

I also close in and outflows so it's not like the canister fills with air. It just holds the water for maybe 20 minutes with no flow.
I turn off my canisters also. I don't see how half an hour at most would cause any harm. How do you clean a canister if you never turn it off?
I tuen off all filters lights and heaters when doing water changes. Never had an issue.

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I have left mine off for hours at a time when doing big scape changes or major trimmings in my 125g tanks. Never had an issue.
iturn everythn off except lights when doing wc. no iasues here either
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