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I was using eheim aqua ball for a co2 reactor, injecting thru the bottom . Both my drop checkers were turning green almost....
So in my great wisdom...I decided to try to get more co2 .
I bought the cheapest canister filter I could find on evil bay.
So I put a sponge pre-filter on and am injecting in the intake.
I did not put any media in the filter, I did not want to restrict the flow any.
I was doing better with the aqua ball. Drop checkers are a teal color.
I have a Hanna PH checker.
KH is 9 and PH is 7.1 after co2 has been on for 4 hours.
You can see almost a steady stream of bubbles in the intake.

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I can't tell you why yours is not working, but I can tell you it can work.

I use a Rena XP4 (Filstar XL) as a reactor. I feed co2 directly into the intake hose (not the actual intake). I use only coarse sponges and bio balls in the filter. I consider that very free flowing (no fine media or floss), and I believe the media helps break up the large bubbles into smaller ones. It works very well, the only problem coming about when it needs a cleaning and the flow slows down, it begins to "burp" every so often.

I can bring a drop checker from blue to yellow in just over an hour on my 120G. That's with a bubble rate that is a constant stream.

Maybe if you provide some more detail someone could help. What kind of filter? What flow rate? How exactly are you injecting? How does the pre-filter fit in? Hard to tell without knowing more, but there are some smart cookies on here who can probably figure it out.
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