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Canister Filter for a Black Water Tank

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I've been kicking around the idea of black water build out. My thought have recently focused of some of the more banal aspects of the build out -- filters.

I think I would go with a undersized canister filter (for that slow moving water) from the large brand name in the canister filter market: Fluval or Eheim. Simply reconfiguring the filter elements to my black water tanks needs.

There are a couple things I know I have to lose for a black water filtration both carbon and Seachem Purigen would need to be excluded. I really like how crystal clear Purigen makes my home tank, but for this project the Purigen (along with the carbon) would conflict with my efforts to maintain tannin in the water.

Has anyone adapted a canister filter for a black water tank?
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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