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I've been kicking around the idea of black water build out. My thought have recently focused of some of the more banal aspects of the build out -- filters.

I think I would go with a undersized canister filter (for that slow moving water) from the large brand name in the canister filter market: Fluval or Eheim. Simply reconfiguring the filter elements to my black water tanks needs.

There are a couple things I know I have to lose for a black water filtration both carbon and Seachem Purigen would need to be excluded. I really like how crystal clear Purigen makes my home tank, but for this project the Purigen (along with the carbon) would conflict with my efforts to maintain tannin in the water.

Has anyone adapted a canister filter for a black water tank?

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I would think that a sponge would work in there as it hardly seems to be something that would take away from the black water. Sponges also provide excelent places for the BB to colonize and is super easy to clean. A couple of squeses in the changing water bucket does it. You could always use that as a pre-filter above the bio-media also. I use (one kind in each of the two tanks)Fluval pre-filter ceramic media or Sea Chem Matrix as my main media but the water goes through something called "Bio
Bale" which can be found on e-bay(and is specificaly made for canister filters)and
is cheap. It has that on top of either of those two other medias.
I need to say at this point that I care absolutely nothing about particals in my water as I see them as much of being natural as anything else in a stream/pond.
The sponge would change that and this is why I don't have one in there. I try to keep Daphnia for my fish. So my filters don't. They just pass water over the bio-media.
Adding a sponge would change that for you.
One person on another forum uses exclusively sponges in his filters for years now.
Most fish farms do also. Not talking about the air acivated sponges but rather a sponge cut to fit your filter in your case.
What size tank are you thinking about ? In my earlier days of tanks I kept a large branch(more like a bush)in my tank about one third from one end and(since that and amazon swords were all that were mostly available at that time60's)I kept floating Hortworth in the end that was 1/3rd sized for fish to have a hide place and sometimes water Letuce in the other end. Made for a dark water tank without being any different water actually.
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