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canister filter for a 20 High tank

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just got a 20 High tank today and am looking for a good filter for it . What canister would be good for this tank.
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Eheim 2213 or 2215.

I have also heard good things from my friend at a pet store about the new Marineland canister.
I have heard that the new Marineland canister is the old Jebbo Odessy!
Just bought a jebo on ebay and I gotta say I love it,for 50 bucks its a great deal!
I had a $60 eheim 2213 on my 20g and it worked great.
would an xp1 be too much?
would an xp1 be too much?
No. But the media capacity might be a bit low.
I am using a Fluval 204 in my 20H and it works fine. Not as nice as the Rena Filstars, and certainly no Eheim, but it's relatively cheap and does the job.
was thinking about an xp2 also, but think that will be too much flow
You can throttle back the output of the XP's until your plants grow in, and you can also point the outlet towards the back or a side to diffuse the output. When your tank grows in, you'll be wishing for more flow. That's the situation I have with my 204. The water circulation is only good in the half of the tank where the outlet is. In the other half, there isn't much water movement.
I think the xp2 is gonna be a bit much for the 20g that's what...15x turnover rate right? 250gph? I think the eheim 2213 or the 2215 would be perfect. I had the 2213 and it did perfect for the 20g and it was heavily planted.
I have heard that the new Marineland canister is the old Jebbo Odessy!
Its Marineland (makers of the Emperor and the Magnums) Not Jebo. they may look similar but I gaurentee you that they are not the same filter.
You could say the same thing about the Eheim ProII and 2028 that the Jebo is designed after.
they look similar but not the same.

I would prob go for a XP1 or a Fluval 202. In a heavly planted tank I don't think limited bio media space is going to be an issue. as your plants are going to be doing most the bio work anyhow.

on my 20l I have two mini filters. one Toms mini and one Zoo Med 501.
Its .. Ok.
I have an Eheim 2213 on my 20H and I find the flow too high, I have it running about half pressure right now and that works fine.
I used an Eheim Ecco 2234 on a 20 gallon high tank before with no problems. I'm using the Eheim Installtion kit spraybars and point the output towards the wall it's attached too. I'm currently running the 2234 on a 20 gallon long the same way.
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