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Canister filter for 10-40gallons

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Good afternoon everyone, hope you all had a good thanksgiving.

So my wife was asking me today what I wanted for Christmas. And I was considering a nice canister filter since I have always used HOB filters and thought it would be nice to better my filtration.

Here's my delama I currently have a 10 gallon tank that I soon plan to upgrade to something larger, probably in the 30-50 gallon range. Is there a canister filter I can get now and use on the 10 gallon tank that won't create to much flow, but would still be enough to provide good filtration in a larger tank when I upgrade? We don't have the funds to buy two different filters so it's either something that works for both or I'll have to pick between a smaller one or a larger one.

The tanks will be stocked with mainly smaller community style fish and be heavily planted.

Thanks for your imput.
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Many canister filters have valves that allow you to adjust the flow. I think all Eheims do, for example. An Eheim 2215 would work, for example.
I've been considering switching to a canister too. The sit on top kind is so loud. Good luck. Let me know how the transition goes if you go for it.
Buy the Eheim 2217. Continue to use your current HOB filter until you upgrade soon.
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