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Hellooo.. I'm new, but I have a question.,, or questions.

I am setting up, or trying to set up a 75 gallon planted tank. I did some things wrong but I'm working through the issues now.. slowly.

at the start I had a magnum 350 filter, but I've decided I don't really like it because it has a limited supply of filter media's and set up for the filter. I do like that I can use any generic media in the cup in the middle with a floss bit, but the filtering (clearing the water out) is less effective. The water polishing filter is the other option but once it gets loaded it flows very very little.. making it pretty ineffective for a 75 gallon tank IMO.

So I started by considering getting a Fluval but shortly moved to the idea of getting an Eheim.. I'm a brand wh0re and like to pay as much as I can to get the same thing everybody else does.. so don't raz me about it.. . anyway, I started considering the different pro 3 and pro 3e models.
I wanted it to be able to keep up with double the capacity (as rated on the box).. so anything rated for 150 gallons or better fit the bill.

This led me to look at the eheim 2075 pro 3 and pro3e 2078.. But then I realized the 2076 specs actually place it ahead of the 2075 (disregard the electronic bit for this).. the 2076 is bigger, has more filter volume, has a larger canister volume, has a higher flow rating, BUT is rated only for 105 gallons to the 2075's 156 gallons.... WHY? am I missing something? did eheim decide to change the way they were rating their filters?

I realize the pro 3e's are newish to the market but I'm hoping somebody here has experience enough with this to know why the ratings are like this.

thanks in advance for replys
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