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After a 10 year break, I've setup a 24", 23 gallon tank which is 18 inches deep with the hope of having more joy at growing greenery than I did over 10 years ago.

I've got a DIY CO2 setup ticking over and 2x 20W compact florescent bulbs. They're cheap 2700K jobs doing 1100Lm each.

I'm thinking of adding superbright Cree Q3 LED's to the hood which are 6500K bulbs to get a better mix. I've got a choice of 3W or 9W bulbs.

So the million dollar question is how many of the 6500K bulbs is going to be good for a medium/high light setup? (I'm tempted to go for 3 x 3W and see how the plants grow)

I'm open to suggestions for alternatives :)
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