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Can you recommend an internet discus vendor?

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I'm looking for a good internet vendor for discus, I'm open to Asian or otherwise. It seems like the shipping from Asia is just as fast and quite often cheaper than from the US.
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try the discus discussion forum simply discus -- lots of breeders and vendors there, and people to give you good advice.
Try Dan at Gulf Coast Discus

I have bought from him and his fish are first rate. He qt them b/f selling them to the public. He ships by Delta dash so that you get the fish the same day that he sends them out.
I have been very happay with Mathias @ Discus Madness. I don't know if he ships to Canada.

Discus Madness: Discus Fish Breeder

Tommy , shes really good with discus! in canada.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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