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Can you over do root tabs? Is it possible to have too many in the substrate?

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Just curious if it's ok to have more than one active near a plant at one time.
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Just curious if it's ok to have more than one active near a plant at one time.

In my experience, it should be fine for the plants. However, you might start growing lots of algae when there is too much nutrient and it seeps into the water column. That was what happened to me.
Agreed. I went with root tabs instead of my usual dirt on my sons 20g high set up last night. Before I set it up, I read up and found out that too many tabs will cause an algae outbreak. Since I have a lot of root feeding plants (Crypts,Val, Blyxa), I used 7 "00" osmocote + tabs placed randomly around the tank bottom.

Also, from what I read, placing them too close to the plants will burn the roots. (?)
I have 10 in my ten gallon and 10 in my 20 gallon long. Both have incredible plant growth and a mild amount of algae. Don't know if that helps but that my input haha.
Depends on the root tab. Too many Osmocote+ caps can cause a spike in ammonia and nitrate.
My experience is definite yes. I put too many O+ tabs in and my N levels skyrocketed for months. Don't over do it!
Agreed. I had a 55 and I jammed it full of O+ plus tabs (every 6 inches...) and could not control algae to save my life. I just tore it down because after 6 months of rampant issues I gave up and redid the whole thing.

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ok ty for the input guys.. I will be cautious..
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