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Hey all,

I went to the everglades this past weekend and took a bunch of cool pics. I managed to take a picture of these fish, about 1-2" inches in length, that were in about 6" of freshwater. The water was basically swamp and not anywhere near a lake, I was on a walkway/boarwalk that goes directly over the swamp water.

Anyhow, these swam in this small school (there were other small schools this size). They would move real fast and then all of them would suddenly stop, blending in with the surroundings as you can see. Let me know if you have any clue what type of fish this is. It was definitely a cool species. Sorry only overhead shots, too small to even get a side shot, plus they were extremely shy and would dart off at the slightest movement.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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