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can u label the mosses in here plz?

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Your link took me to another link. The picture that opened has all the plants listed, including the moss.
Yeah it brought me to this page where it lists the plant/moss species already
2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest - Entry #416

"Microsorum Pteropus (Needleleaf), Hemianthus Callitrichoides, Riccardia Chamedryfolia, Mini Rose Moss,Taxiphyllum sp. Flame Moss, Taxiphyllum sp. Peacock, Taxiphyllum sp. Java, Fissidens Nobilis,Fissidens Geppi,Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis, Lilaeopsis Mauritiana, Riccia Fluitans, Subwassertang"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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