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A few months ago I tore down a tank with MGOCPM and a flourite cap. I think I've separated most of it, but it was a pretty long/tedious process.

What I found to work pretty well for me was to break the mix up into smaller containers, and let it dry out (I stuck it over the pilot light on my stove).

Once one of the smaller portions was dry, I'd put it in a larger container (~4-5 gallon rectangular storage bin), fill it with water, stir it up really good, and pour off the water. I'd repeat this till it ran clear, and then set it back to dry out again.

I often did this with used tank water from water changes, or from driftwood soaks/boils, just to avoid being wasteful, and that also gave a bit of time for the mixed stuff to dry out twixt winnowings.

I've found the drying out process helps a lot, as some of the organic stuff will float initially, and is easy to pour off. Even the stuff that doesn't float stays suspended in the water a bit since it's lighter then the substrate.

I still have a handful of rocks from the MGOCPM, but I'm not too worried about them, they are easy enough to pull out when I see them. I've also got a bit of light colored sand, which is much harder to get rid of. Not sure how I'm going to handle that, probably just try and get it on the bottom layers next time I use it. It might also settle through the flourite on its own, I'll have to try and see what happens.
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