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Can someone please help me identify this tank I just bought?

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Hello, I just bought a cheap tank off Craigslist and I am having trouble finding out what brand it is. It is a beveled, rimless, low iron tank with the approximate dimensions of, 43cm(w)X26cm(d)X22cm(h) or 17inX10inX8.5 (the metric measurements are probably more accurate).

The person who sold me the tank said that it was her brothers and that he got it from Aqua Forest in San Francisco. When she said that I thought it had to be ADA or Do! Aqua but I can't find any tanks that match up. Could this be a discontinued model? The 43cm width has me thinking not. Any ideas?
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Those are the same dimensions as my Fluval edge 23l with the top removed.
Suddenly I get the choice of your avatar pic
Looks like it might bizzle right. Could be the Fluval Edge...

Below is a link to the image from the ad. Not a very good picture but you can get an idea of what it looks like. It is the rimless tank.
Aqua Forest does sell some of the more trendy brands. Could be any of the nice rimless varieties. Did Fluval make an edge without the built in filter it sits on?
Did Fluval make an edge without the built in filter it sits on?
If you take the top of an Edge you can also take it off the stand.
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