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Can somebody help me find info. on this?

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I have to do a paper analyzing unsuccessful entrepreneurs but I can't find anything online. Does anybody know of somebody that I can do research on that had a business that crashed?
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dozens of them ...

Google this:

dot com entrepreneurial failures

every link is a different name.

Good writing!

Keep Smilin'
John :)
exactly, that's a good place to start.
I seem to remember a company called CDnow that was public and kind of big for a little while and then faded away, as many tech and dot com's did after about 2001-2002 area.
Here is one that I think is just a real case of unlucky lottery:
Ayds Diet Candy
Thanks I will take a look at each one and deside. You guys save my butt :) thanks!
Look up:

Kamran Elahian, Momenta Corp.


Jerry Kaplan, Go Corp.

Both of these individuals tried to create computers that could recognize handwriting. Both burned through at least $40 million dollars before folding. Pretty big examples of entrepreneurial failure.
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