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Can sharp sand really cause barbell injury?

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I've just noticed that one of my peppered corys has blood around one of its barbells.

I also bought another peppered cory for the first time (this guy was with other species prior to this) and noticed that its barbells are much longer than those on the guy with the mouth injury. Obviously this suggests that his barbells are getting damaged by the substrate.

The substrate is pool filter sand. It is quite coarse, but I can't really say whether it's "sharp" or not.

There is nothing aggressive in the tank except a grumpy bristlenose and the angelfish, though they generally don't bother bottom dwellers.

Does anyone actually have any experience with corydoras barbells being shortened or otherwise injured by a sand substrate? Is this a myth?
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I'm not an expert but from what I've read the PFS is almost ideal for corydoras. What you're seeing may be caused by a bacterial infection rather than physical injury.

This is assuming pool filter sand in Australia is the same as what I've seen/read about.
Yeah, you have to keep the substrate pretty clean for them.
yup personally I think its a myth. Like Mistergreen says the substrate should be kept clean. MTS snails are good to put in the sand substrate, many fish with barbels will burrow into the sand to get at them-kinda funny to see
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