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Can plants be left potted?

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I bought some plants at a GREAT price tonight and 3 of them are in little pots. Can I leave them in the pot to make future moving around easier?

Here are 2 of them, in addition I got a potted wisteria. Also have 3 plants in anchors and would like to know if I can leave those on as well since they are just stems at this point.

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Probably, for a while, chances are they are planted in rockwool. When your ready to unpot them just peel away the rockwool like string cheese to avoid damaging the root system. Just keep in mind the type of plant. Root feeders won't be getting any nutrients from rockwool, as far as I know it doesn't absorb nutrients from the water column.
That's what it looks like to me. Can I just plant the whole thing basket and all in the substrait or should I just rubber band the stems then plant? What about those metal wright/ties on the other plants?
It's best to keep it neat and remove the rockwool from the stems and then plant in groups of three per hole. The lead weights are not suitable for long-term use because it's made of lead.
The weights will eventually damage the roots of the plant, so they're not suitable for the plant to keep it down.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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