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hey there, this is my very first dsm tank ever. and i managed to get fungus under control in the past exactly two weeks. but this spider thread like fungus keeps appearing, though, in small numbers in the morning..




since this is a first for me, i don't know if this counts as small outbreaks or this is beyond saving...any advice on how to prevent fungus spread even further without chemicals? i tried not to mist the tank until the upper soil shows dry color (brownish). but maybe i was afraid and 2 days ago i mist the tank quite heavily but managed not creating any small pond..

i'm thnking about increasing the opening from saran wrap, maybe in each corner of the tank to provide better gas exchange and prevent stagnant air...

what do you guys think? should i be patience a little more and see how it goes in a couple of days or just flood the tank?

i was hoping for the first option, not because i just want a dry start a tank. but i'm very curious if anyboady can do it, i should be able to pull this off as well, and this is precious journet and knowledge as well hehe

please advise :D
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