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Can i use...

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Hi everybody !

I will have a 20L (i don't how much gallon is it...i'm french) and i would ask you to know if i can use some economical light or not...

Second question: the number of watt is most important than the °K ?

I think i will choose a 9W (who is lighting as 50) with 6500°K is that good ?
this one ->

Very sorry for my bad english ;/ Thank you :)
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According to google

20 l = 5.28344102 US gallons

I will let someone with more experience handle the lighting question.
Boiled down to a bare minimum, yes, wattage is more important than K rating, but plants repond best to a K rating of 5500-7500. Above that is more or less visual preference.

Tommy <9))>>{
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