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Can I use this stuff instead of osmocote plus in DIY Root Tabs?

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Hey guys. I want to make DIY root tabs for my 20 gallon planted aquarium. When I went to get the traditional fert osmocote plus, I only saw a huge bag of it which I would never finish using. I found this miracle gro slow realease pellet form fert the pellets were brownish tan. Here are some pictures of the product and its nutrient analysis:
Liquid Fluid Plastic bottle Golf Household supply

Liquid Green Fluid Yellow Plastic bottle

Can I use this stuff instead of osmocote plus in my DIY root tabs without harming my plants or fish in my 20 gallon planted aquarium?
BTW, I saw some osmocote not osmocote PLUS. Which would be better, the osmocote NOT PLUS or this miracle gro stuff?

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Not sure about the miracle grow, but if you live near a Home Depot or Walmart they both sell it here in NC. Currently Home Depot has it on sale for around $7.50 for a 2 pound bottle, then you can get the rebate and send it in and end up getting paid around $1.50 to but it. :icon_surp
I use osmocote not plus, and have for the last six months. Everything seems fine so far.
Is their good plant growth with just osmocote NOT PLUS? I compared the 2 labels osmocote plusand osmocote, the osmocote has wayish less nutrients compared to osmocote plus.

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My tank is low-tech, so the plants grow slowly anyway. All my root feeders are happy with the NOT PLUS. No deficiencies.
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