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Can I use this LED for my nano low tech?

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I found this LED light on Amazon. I was interested in it for a regular desk lamp, but now I'm wondering if it would work on my new low tech 1.9 gallon planted tank. Or even if it would work for future fish tanks. The LED light has 4 different variations in mood/color. TaoTronics® Elune TT-DL01 Dimmable LED Desk Lamp (Piano Black, 4 Lighting Modes: Reading/Studying/Relaxation/Bedtime, 5-Level Dimmer, Touch-Sensitive Control Panel, 1-Hour Auto Timer, 5V/1A USB Charging Port): Home Improvement

The tank thread is here:

Thank you!
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Your link isn't working. This one?®-E...words=taotronics+led+desk+lamp#productDetails

I actually considered that light when I was deciding on a fixture for the Nano I'm currently building. I ended up skipping over it just because I couldn't find any additional spec info for the actual LEDs that I could translate into PAR data or light spectrum.

I ended up getting this fixture for $50 on Fleabay:

I really strongly considered getting this desk lamp, though:
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