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can i use sea salt to buffer RO water?

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ok final question from me on the subject. my pH is near 9, my gh is 2. my KH is 5. because of my high PH i've decided to use straight RO water. the amount of tap i would have to mix to my RO water to get the ph down to even 7.5 is negligable. my RO water is around 7.2 - my question is can is use sea salt mix, the kind used in reef aquaria to buffer the ro water (i.e. add KH and GH)?? is anyone doing this. thanks for all you replies! john
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You can. Might not be the best thing to do.

KH can be added quickly and cheaply by using baking soda. GH can be added with Epsom Salt and Calcium Chloride, Sulfate
Rex, yes this i understand, but won't the baking soda raise the PH??? also is baking soda and epson salts enough nutrients for the plants? would i be better off adding something like RO right to the ro water, which contains more trace elements. finally will algae be less likely using RO water vs. Tap water. thanks john.
What to add?

What finals parameters you want to acheive?

Sea salt is mostly NaCl that consists of sodium chloride

You cant use this to reconstitute RO water for planted and fresh water aquarium.
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