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I am a member on another aquarium forums where users have used similar products and found that they are not worth the cost as they are usually hit and miss....

The site says they will change the fitting depending on address, but say nothing about the solenoid.

The needle valve may not be that great, and might be difficult to adjust and/or in maintaining a steady bubble rate.

I think pressurized CO2 is something that you should invest once (and properly), and never have to deal with it again.

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^ That is the best review of a regulator I have ever read.

The Bad:

I'm one of the first person to own one of these, I did a review on them. Yeah, they suck. No help from the retailer at all, said the working pressure going up and down was fine. The straw that broke the camel's back was when I called up some of the welding places.

After they finish laughing, they said -
"You would except a regulator to..... you know.... REGULATE the pressure. "

Plus, another guy brought the same regulator and it had the same problem as mine but his pressure went from 30 to 100.

I also found a chinese site that the company replies to, there are a few threads there with various problems.

The Good: Why this regulator might work for you.

After being left high and dry by the retailer, I contacted the company and I sent them some pictures. They were willing to ship me a new connection for free but they only take bank wire or some weird doo doo like that. I got a pdf of their inventory, they sell these regulators to level 1 dealers for 30 bucks USD.

Basically, there are working units so I guess it must of been a bad batch. So, if you do buy it, ask about warranty. The shipping cost to send this back to them is a lot. Plus you have to pay for return shipping.

DICI was very professional, stuff like this happens. I think it's a good product if you actually live in Asia.

Why not go with one of those Aquatek, at least you can call them and talk to them directly. Anyways, I brought a Aquatic life Co2 compact and it works flawlessly.

Build your own:

I'm sure your wrench is as good as anyone's else. Use google for instructions.
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