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Can i mix the 2

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hi everyone. i have a bag of flourite dark and some tetra complete substrate. both of them are clay based so can i mix the 2 together or is this a bad idea.
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In my old tank I had a substrate that was 25% ADA AS I, 25% Flourite Red, 25% Flourite Dark, and 25% pea gravel. I think conglomerates are fine- they sometimes look strange, though.
thats for the replies they will be caped with a really nice super fine silca sand so you wont be able to see them anyways. i think the mix mite work out well
Keep in mind that over time the larger granules will work their way to the surface, so the sand won't be on top for long.

IME using silica also can contribute to diatomacious algae, but I don't think that's a proven correlation.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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