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Can I make this into a Riparium?

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I was at petco the other day and I saw something on clearance, wasn't sure what I'd use it for. On the box it says that it can hold up to 3" of water

Here are 2 picture of what I got. Question is: I feel that 3x10x10 isn't going to be enough water to house any fish, would I be able to raise 3" to something higher with acrylic and silicon?

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You could most definatly make a riparium out of this. Instead of fish why not go with Thai micro crabs, shrimp, maybe 3 ottos. Or some small fish like endlers or African dwarf frogs??
Check out there's tons of designs over there using vivs exactly like this one.

I'd probably create a false bottom using some eggcrate supported by PVC to keep the plant substrate out of the water and not lose any real estate for whatever aquatic critters you decide to keep.
This is similar to my immersed grow out. The water floor print I have is 3x12x12 and I have two cory's and 4 platys. The bioload is filtered through a terracotta pot filled with lava rock fed by an internal filter. I also do multiple water changes during the week as I use the water to feed terrestrial plants outside of the grow out. I've by far done nothing fancy in mine.
I think I'd mainly use this for growing immersed plants and shrimps since it holds so little water :3

I'd start this after the semester ends

and it doesn't work :/
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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