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Can I grow Hygrophila?

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Hi everyone,

I'd like some input before I waste money on a plant that won't grow. My low-tech 40 breeder is doing well as I'm finally getting my dosing and lighting all worked out. I currently have a bunch of crypts that are doing well and growing faster than expected. My dwarf lily and tiger lotus are also doing well but not growing that fast. I REALLY want to add a type of hygrophila but my previous experience with hygro did not go well. It generally looked sickly and was growing at a snail-pace. (To be fair I rescaped the tank pretty often it may not have been able to settle in).

The tank is lit with TWO finnex stingrays. Each one puts out ~40watts and based on my research the PAR should be between 40 and 50. Is this enough to grow any type of hygrophila? If its not, would a simple clip-on LED grow light from home depot help? Any input is appreciated.
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Oh wow--didn't know I was breaking the law with my H. polysperma Tropic Sunset LOL. So if you bought it from an online dealer, as opposed to an individual hobbyist like I did (I think she was in Nebraska), would they refuse to ship it to you?

Phishes: If you want some, I can put you in touch with the person I bought it from. Or at the rate I'm going, will soon have some to get rid of.....
You aren't breaking the law growing it in your tank, as far as I'm aware. You'd only be breaking the law if you sold it, and very breaking the law if you shipped it across state lines. The USDA has classified it as a noxious weed because of what it can do to water ways. I've got H. polysperma in my tanks, it's a great plant. But when you see how fast it grows and can dominate, and how it can survive and thrive in just about anything, it makes sense why it's on that list. Never EVER flush the stuff. If it makes it to a water way, it will grow. All my trimmings go directly in the trash.

@Phishes - I've got some H. corymbosa "Siamensis" 53B, lovely plant. I've never tried to grow it in low tech conditions, but if you'd like, I can ship you some to give it a go. I can also include some other stuff. I'll send it to you free, I just ask you cover shipping cost.
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