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Can I grow Hygrophila?

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Hi everyone,

I'd like some input before I waste money on a plant that won't grow. My low-tech 40 breeder is doing well as I'm finally getting my dosing and lighting all worked out. I currently have a bunch of crypts that are doing well and growing faster than expected. My dwarf lily and tiger lotus are also doing well but not growing that fast. I REALLY want to add a type of hygrophila but my previous experience with hygro did not go well. It generally looked sickly and was growing at a snail-pace. (To be fair I rescaped the tank pretty often it may not have been able to settle in).

The tank is lit with TWO finnex stingrays. Each one puts out ~40watts and based on my research the PAR should be between 40 and 50. Is this enough to grow any type of hygrophila? If its not, would a simple clip-on LED grow light from home depot help? Any input is appreciated.
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I think you should be able to.

Hygrophila corymbosa 'compact' grows really well in lower light, lower tech tanks.

Most other species are fairly easy to grow.

Hygrophila pinnatifida is a littler tougher to grow...
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