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Can I get some help please?

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I have my first two shrimp drip acclimating into my nano right now. I have a red sea nano filter. Do I need to put something over the intake like sponge so they don't get injured?
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Yes it would be a good idea or young/small shrimp may get sucked in. It will also give you a pre bio-filter and the shrimp love picking at the sponge.

I agree with Bill. A good sponge prefilter works great in shrimp tanks. It not only helps filter, but it protects the shrimp as well as provides a food source.
I cut a tiny piece and stuffed it down inside the intake tube near the very end, sound good? They are so tiny and cute..little orange shrimps!:icon_cool
thanks for your replies!
I tied a 2x4 inch strip of sponge on to the outside of my filter intake so the shrimps can pick it clean from the outside. The seem to love it :)
Wow saraja87, that is a great thread on your tank. Thanks for everyone's advice. Want to see some terrible pics?:)

I better get good at macro shots or you guys will never see them..:redface:

New HC & marimo ball.. :icon_cool

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Cool nice shrimps, I never knew there are orange shrimps in Ontario. Good luck with them.
Thanks so much, they are so cute! Here is the tank over last weekend.

and just for the heck of's my tank that sits right next to this one.

and here is a cool shrimp I keep in that tank:) Tozeuma ghost pipe shrimp~Leander plumosus

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Wow! Very nice nano reef tank! That shrimp is so freaking sweet looking! I knew I always wanted to do a nano reef. Very, very nice looking. :)

Oh, and your orange shrimp are sweet, too. ;)
Thanks Cydric! Here is a little pipefish in the refugium for my bigger tank

and here is the bigger tank

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Very nice and thanks for the look, went great with my coffee this morning.

Thanks Bill, glad you enjoyed it. I am searching and reading as much as I can about feeding these little gems. This morning I ordered Hikari Crystal Red Shrimp Cuisine. I am curious as I see many people make their own food, boil veggies, etc. How much would you feed just a few tiny shrimp? Their tummys cannot be much bigger than a pinhead..:icon_mrgr
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