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Can I get shrimp if I dose Seachem fertilizers?

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I'd like to get nerite snails for my planted tank but dose the whole line of seachem fertilizer daily. Will the snails be ok?
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If you keep an eye on the parameters (including GH, KH and TDS) and don't let the fertilizers build up too much, they may be ok. With my tanks, which aren't heavily planted, I've done half doses up to once or twice a week.

Excel, if you use it, may be a good idea to reduce it, or if using injected CO2, lower bps. This is usually one of the bigger problems when it comes to inverts and planted tanks. If you OD too much on it, it can kill them.

Alternatively, you may want to consider getting "shrimp tank" fertilizers.

SL-Aqua has one product that's good for plants.

Shrimpernet has products, as well.

Although technically not designed with shrimp in mind, I've seen a lot of people recommend Thrive.
Aquarium Fertilizer | NilocG Aquatics
THRIVE+, ALL IN ONE Liquid Fertilizer - Han Aquatics

For the low tech planted tanks
BorneoWild Lush - Han Aquatics

I do think that dosed daily, the shrimp probably wouldn't like it quite as much if you did smaller doses less frequently. I haven't tried to go into the realm of daily dosing though.
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