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Can I get rid of algae without changing the water?

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Hi guys! I'm kinda as you may have guessed, beginner in aquatic life. But recently I developed interest to keep aquarium (which I'm moving towards slowly step by step). I have started from simply taking care of planted aquariums and the tank at the moment has only four types common of plants(Amazon sword, hornworts and jungle val, and some kind of grass idk what's it's name).

Now because to my work I need to travel alot and it gets difficult to take care of the aquarium, so I see lots of algae growing it's still in initial growth (like gravel has green color on it) so like is there any way for me to get rid of algae without having to change the water?. What if I add some baking soda into planted aquarium? Will it get rid of algae or not? If yes then how much would I need to add?
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It's a very complicated question that gets discussed a lot on here. The basic answer is you get rid of your algae by balancing light, nutrients, waste removal and water changes. You'll need to provide a lot more information about your setup for anyone to provide useful info. Size of tank, light intensity and duration, type of substrate, method of fertilizing, CO2 or not, water parameters and frequency and volume of water changes.
Adding baking soda could kill your fish with a sudden ph change (If there are fish) It won't do anything for the algae.
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