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I am tearing down my SW tank and am looking at how to use my current lights and am wondering if this will work or if I should swap them.

The planted tank is 38gal (36lx12wx20d)and I'm looking at keeping a variety of plants (currently have java from another tank) with co2 (solenoid, injection)

nothing fancy but I'd like to just use what I have on hand if possible.

The lights I have from my SW tank are URI VHO's (2x super actinic 1x actinic 95w each, VHO 95w. Actinic White 36" URI reflectors direct the light down to your tank, providing up to 70% more light.The brightest and most lamps Superior to Hamilton, Voltarc, Coralife,AquaLuminators, etc make the most of your lighting with URI lamps) these are run on an ICECAP 430 ballast.

I don't know if my current lights will suffice with co2 OR if I should trade them in for 36" Aqualight T-5 Series - Double Linear Strip 21 watt 10,000K daylight and 21 watt true actinic 03 blue T-5 fluorescent lamps
On/off switch and built-in ballasts.
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