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I am trading plants/ mystery snails for blue eyed lemon bristlenose pleco babies unsexed. There seem to be dispute how many can go into a tank and if they can be housed together with research I have done on line. My tanks are established planted tanks. I am not using as clean up crews and I do feed cucumbers/squash/wafers.
1. Can I put 1 in 20g? (1 Betta/6 flame tetras)
2. How many in a 29 gallon? I thought maybe 2 (1 Betta/11 zebra Danios)
3. In my 90g I have an unknown pleco 7 inches long that I was told was not a common by previous owner. Should I attempt to put any new plecos? If so how many? I included unknown pleco picture. (6 rainbows/4 emporer tetras/7 rosey tetras/14 neon tetras/ 10 black neon tetras/ 6 glowlight tetras/7 panda cories/6 albino cories/2 peppered cories/6 black kuhlis loaches)


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