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Can freshwater beneficial bacteria transfer to brackish?

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Hey guys,

I've decided to jump into the salt section of the hobby and go brackish. I have tons of media that I've used to help jump start other freshwater cycles before, but not sure if it would work for brackish. The fish I want requires a low gravity (1.005-1.008), so the salinity isn't that high.

I understand using seeded media won't cycle it immediately, but it certainly does give it a boost.

Would i be able to use my seeded freshwater media to jumpstart a low gravity brackish aquarium? Any input ?

Thank you!
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I see no reason why that wouldnt work. but I've got 0 experience with salt or brackish water. But there is a specific bacteria that converts ammonia to nitrite and then another specific bacteria that converts nitrite to nitrate. Shouldnt matter if that is in fresh, brackish or salt water (or even out of water for that matter).
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